Monday, August 27, 2018

NYC's @charlesjoseph1 says "Call On Me" on New Record

Charles Joseph is an Artist/ Producer from Brooklyn, NY. He has been steadily growing his buzz performing around NYC and consistently releasing new music. This song is the first single release from his upcoming EP scheduled to release this fall. He had this to say about the record:

"I had been recording a lot of sketch ideas and I came up with a skeleton of the beat for this song one night, just the chords and some drums and laid the hook down rough. I made an mp3 of that rough idea with the verses open and took it to a local bar by me where I'm cool with some people who work there and will play my music sometimes. My dude Cody played it and some people in the place were like (play it back!) lol! I knew it was special and to finish it and put it out. It's meant to be inspirational and up lifting to anybody who feels they are called on in life to get things done no matter what, no excuses" 
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