Monday, August 27, 2018

. @IRAIOuree Prepares for 'Safari' Project with two singles "Animal" and "Wake N Bake"

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is IRAI Ouree and his eccentric sound. The area he calls home has seen several artists see mainstream popularity as of late but it's safe to say he separates himself from that typical sonic landscape there. In preparation for his upcoming project "Safari", IRAI Ouree has now released two singles in promotion of what to expect. Both tracks do a great job at showcasing the versatility he possesses.

The first is "Animal", which is more akin to R&B than rap with it's sensual tone. On it he describes how he can be a "beast" in ways that his muse may not be aware of yet. The second flips the switch to a different style with "Wake N Bake". Here he takes flexes his skill as an MC while crafting an ode to one of his favorite vices. More impressively he still manages to put some introspective bars into the record, making it one that is both catchy and carries a message.

Check out both of the singles, which are produced by Gib$ now. Be sure to keep your eyes open for IRAI Ouree's "Safari" project in the near future as well.

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