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East Atlanta Rising Rapper, BBA Trigga Releases New Visual for Latest Single, "Bankroll"

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East Atlanta Rising Rapper, BBA Trigga Releases New Visual for Latest Single, "Bankroll"

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


East Atlanta rising rapper, BBA Trigga releases a new visual for his latest single, "Bankroll". BBA TRIGGA embodies the struggles and tribulations of millions of dream chasers worldwide. As a unique blend of Trap, Dirty South, and Atlanta Hip-Hop, BBA TRIGGA’s music tells the stories of those often forgotten or ignored by society. His music consists of unapologetically honest tracks. Despite the pain of his own experiences, he has managed to create something beautiful that others can relate to. He has an intoxicating energy and his passion for making music is clearly visible in every song he releases.  

BBA Trigga exemplifies the essence of Generation Z's artistic freedom and supreme ingenious mentality. As a young man growing up on Atlanta's Eastside, his music reflects his experiences and life experiences. BBA Trigga's lyrics are powerful and provide a unique perspective on the reality of finding your purpose and voice via street dreams and politics. He sometimes makes raw and gritty music but is also full of hope and determination in other situations. There will be generations to come who will be inspired and empowered by the music of BBA Trigga.

BBA TRIGGA's lyrics capture the raw energy and essence of Gen Z hip-hop as the official voice of East Atlanta. A strong "bet on yourself" mentality is so prevalent in this generation, and his message of self-reliance and determination resonates in Generation Z's minds and those immersed in pop culture today. Learn more at www.BBATRIGGA.com.

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. @kevinrossmusic Releases New Video for Billboard Charting Single "Look My Way"

Monday, March 20, 2023


Kevin Ross releases a new video for Billboard charting single "Look My Way"! Influenced by The Jackson 5, “Look My Way” blends Kevin Ross’ contemporary charm with classic flair. The visuals further highlight the experience of being infatuated with an unattainable love interest - a universal feeling of pursuing someone who always seems out of reach. Playful, cheeky, and innocentKevin Ross taps into the core emotions that define "the chase" associated with young love. As the video follows Kevin Ross through his neighborhood, he continually encounters the object of his affection but is unable to catch her before she disappears. The most captivating moment occurs when the two finally meet in an elevator, and they simultaneously ask, “Would you like to grab coffee sometime?”  This serendipitous moment is followed by Kevin Ross' triumphant chorus bursting with elegant rhythmics and bold vocals.

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Brooklyn's @KevThePope Shares Latest Visuals for Single "You Said It's Love"

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kev the Pope lived in the same building as the legendary hip-hop emcee Sean Price (RIP). As a young boy, Kev was heavily influenced by a musical family. His older brother and sister were into hip-hop, and his father was into reggae. As he grew up, he began experimenting with a combination of those two genres, while also dropping in sounds from the pop and R&B landscape. By age 12, Kev shot a video in front of his building. His dad told him to play some of his music for Sean Price. He did so and every day since then, he kept hanging out with him.

“I knew he was living in the building, but at the time I didn’t really know who he was,” Kev recalls. “I wasn’t too in tune with his music, but I would play basketball with him from time to time and I started to check out his music. I decided to rap for him one day, and he loved it. He gave me my name on the spot – Kev the Pope – and from that day forward we used to chill every day."

Kev now is using that knowledge to create a successful career for himself. His sound and style are unique, and his lyrics are beginning to serve as anthems for many people around the country who come from the struggle and who face adversity. With Kev, it’s not just about catchy hooks, it’s about being lyrical and having a message and content that’s marketable and timeless. Get a load of "You Said It's Love", the newest visual single built to keep the momentum of Kev's 2023 high and on the rise. Directed by RCV Media, produced by King Dani, Kev has a solid squad behind him to put the points on the board needed to highlight his status. 

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