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With Hard Liquor approaching, NC spitta Miles Stone delivers a fresh offering of the "hype hippie" sound. He links with MMB's Ceeno Hata's on "I.O.U.S" providing an anthem to those who think you owe them. The two emcee provide a perfect blend with Mile's southern, smooth flow and Ceeno's rugged and demanding delivery. Stream the record above and drop your thoughts below:

Miles Stone - I.O.U.S ft. Ceeno Hatas
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Pragmaddix - One Of These Days ft. C.Shreve the Professor 
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Ron Shirley II - True Colors 
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Algee Smith - Pursuing 
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THE3rDimension is back with a new club anthem titled "Mirrors". OB-1 and Trigg use clever wordplay and a catchy chorus as guide on the record and provides a message to the naysayers.

THE3rDimension - Mirror 

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the cookout

Co-Still - 89 Grind VLOG Pt. 5 shot by @HardEarnCash

Reese3 releases "Potential" as a record made to inspire those needing a boost and find that confidence in themselves. Stream the record above and drop a comment below.

Reese3 - Potential 
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