Monday, June 28, 2021

. @BACKWOODBRATT Releases Debut Project 'Give n' Take' with Music Video Featuring Bbyafricka

If you don't know by now, we're big fans of Backwood Brat! Since coming on the scene in 2019, BACKWOOD BRAT’s debut project has been highly anticipated, with the rapper accumulating over 170,000 views on YouTube and nearly 1,000 videos of devout fans creating a viral challenge on Tik Tok to her hit single “In My Bag”. BACKWOOD’s debut project Give n’ Take welcomes the world to her unique style and invites listeners to indulge in the blunt and cutthroat personality that is BACKWOOD BRAT. From smooth and harmonious melodies with textured guitar riffs on “Real Me” to her famously fierce demeanor flowing through sharp lyrics over booming 808’s on “Ooo Yea”, BACKWOOD BRAT shows listeners on Give n’ Take that there’s another side to the Long Beach rapper.

 BACKWOOD’s debut project features collaborations with fellow Treacherous Records artists P1, Daymo, and NiQLE, as well as other LA rappers such as Rucci & Bbyafricka. The release of the project will be accompanied by the music video for “Why U So Mad (feat. Bbyafrika)”. Give n’ Take is now available to stream and comes with the “Why U So Mad music video featuring Bbyafricka.

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