Monday, January 20, 2020

. @MrLatnie Returns with "Couch Surf", a Dive Into his Life Story

Latnie returns with new music to get 2020 rolling. Music is his therapy, so he gives listeners a closer look into his life's story on his latest song, "Couch Surf". Here's what he had to say about the record:

"I did the couch surf / Now I'm the wave" describes the mental and physical road he went down. He was couch surfing mentally trying to figure out who he was and physically after being unlawfully incarcerated. He believes the tough times made him stronger and he watches it come to life as a physical manifestation."
“Life is an adventure. If you're waking up on multiple couches throughout the week, continue to be positive and enjoy you're path to a bed. It's not easy, but if I stopped I'd be in a much worse place. Not every couch I had to sleep on was pretty but the moment I realized I could manifest more, I stopped sabotaging myself and created a better life." - Latnie
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