Monday, January 7, 2019

Travel to the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' with @LongLiveWOULF

We head to the Dark Side of the Moon with Woulf as he takes us on a journey with his latest full length project. 
Dark Side Of The Moon: "This Time Will Be Different!" The title alone captures every emotion of this project. The artist comes off a two year hiatus and reaches higher depths with this compilation. Dark Side Of The Moon Will have 10-12 tracks with features from Tae Miles on "Roses" and Monty Willz on "High Horse" With production from Cleveland, Ohio producers Antoine Christopher, Aye Yo Ace, MizzHitzBeatz, and OGx50. Texas producer WhatChrisDoin. South Florida producer Bluff Gawd. Artwork done by Digital.Tiff and photo taken by David Ford.

 Like Roy Ayers said "Everybody loves the sunshine." But nobody sticks around for the darkness, the scary hours, the time where people's strengths are tested the most to see if you will you be consumed by the darkness as it devours every corner, bend, and every angle of ones own morals. Or will they learn to manifest the darkness and tame the beast within, for we fear the beast within the WOULF. The moon teaches us that we have phases in our life. and we go through changes, just as the sun teaches us to rise. 

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