Thursday, April 12, 2018

Jackson, Mississippi's @Montshodaw Shares Two New Records, "Black Rose" and "Sunny Day"

Jackson, Mississippi's own Montshodaw looks to officially kick off his journey as a musician the masses can enjoy. With a sound rooted in elements of reggae, soul and hip-hop, Montshodaw is putting the finishing touches on his project "The Realms...Realm 1: I'ma Rise". The producer, artist and songwriter brings two singles forth today by the names of "Black Rose" and "Sunny Day", respectively.

"Sunny Day" finds Montshodaw in more of an examining position, looking to explain that happiness can be found outside of our own being. The single is one of those that can improve a mood just by listening. The message is one we all could use so check out both singles and look for more to come from Montshodaw in the future.

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