Monday, September 25, 2023

Atlanta's own @realwillhill Dropped an Auditory Masterpiece with 'Looking at the Moon through the Sunroof'

Atlanta's own Will Hill has dropped an auditory masterpiece that's as smooth as it is irresistible. Titled Looking at the Moon through the Sunroof, this album is a captivating journey through the soundscape of the city, delivered by an artist who's poised to make his mark in the rap game. While we won't pin him down to any comparisons, you can't help but feel a vibe reminiscent of Larry June in his effortless flow. Will Hill's lyricism and delivery, though, are entirely his own, and they shine through every track on this project. Looking at the Moon through the Sunroof, is like a late-night cruise through the streets of Atlanta, the city's stories unfolding with each beat and verse. The smooth melodies and clever wordplay create a sonic experience that's both soothing and thought-provoking. So, buckle up, roll down that sunroof, and let Will Hill take you on a ride through the moonlit streets of Atlanta with Looking at the Moon through the Sunroof.

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