Friday, September 23, 2022

'Bunts Make Bases' is the Latest Collaborative Effort from @GODBLESSBANKSY and Frequent Collaborator @shatheflash

Bunts Make Bases is a collaborative album by AJ Bank$y and his brother and frequent collaborator, Sha. While they entertained the idea of doing a collaborative project for years, the name for the current project was conceived back in early July of 2020.

The inspiration for the project came from the duo's shared experiences and frustrations with pursuing careers in music and aspiring for recognition and commercial success. The "home run" model suggests that an artist's ultimate goal should be procuring a record deal or the realization of some big break that translates to viral acclaim and instant gratification. But, for many emerging artists, including Bank$y and Sha, reality is much more sobering. The journey is more akin to a rollercoaster ride with fleeting highs and inconsolable lows.

Bunts Make Bases embodies the idea that, as an artist, there is no perfect path. Often, you have to pivot and recreate yourself, recreate your sound, expand your network, and find more effective ways to market your brand. The album is about reimagining success and cherishing the incremental progress that comes with pursuing your passion. In essence, instead of perpetually swinging for the fence, it's okay to bunt the ball and run like hell to first base. The journey may require discovering new ways to gain traction until you can circle the bases and achieve your end result: home plate.

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