Tuesday, August 16, 2022

. @airospvce New Song "IMONFOUR" is Worth the Listen


IMONFOUR is a lamenting story of a “so called nobody who became famous,” addressing how people project unto Airospace their limited perceptions based on their own insecurities. This “rude awakening” people have to Airo’s success which seems overnight - has actually been due to years of dedicated hard work, which people only validate as an artist when you have a certain following, rather than seeing the artist talent and value through their actual work and consistency. Airo’s hard hitting lyrics are depressingly yet cathartically relatable- matched with the beat make it a sad banger with mainstream and underground appeal. Airospace is a top artist, period, marrying hip-hop and hardcore as the true couple they are. The multidimensional hip-hop experience that transcends barriers of language, time & space- Airospace takes you to another universe yet again.

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