Monday, June 20, 2022

. @Toolieru Connects with ATL's @LordNarf in the Visuals to "No Pressure"

Upcoming Florida artist Toolie Ru releases his new single “No Pressure.” Referencing struggles he has encountered in his life, Toolie tells these stories through the music. Despite the adversity, Toolie Ru looks on the brighter side of his shortcomings. The fast paced beat, produced by Imperial, is appropriate for the summer, encouraging listeners to vibe with the song and also think about how they overcame struggle. Lord Narf's verse heightens the positivity of the song, visually reminding us that we are not alone and eventually the problem will pass. To commemorate his grandfather, Toolie Ru recorded the video in a private jet because his grandfather liked to travel. The setting enforces Toolie Ru’s fondness for family and the exclusivity of his inner circle. Everyone does not have access and can get in. The biggest take away for listeners is that struggle is something we all have experienced; thus, we shouldn’t let it get the best of us.

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