Monday, November 22, 2021

. @damnnnnnjet Shares Newly Released Album 'Item 9'

Experimental rap is on the rise, and Philadelphia’s DAMNJET is giving his own perspective on the growing subgenre with his newly released album Item 9. It’s all vivid colors and vibes, a testament to weed and its ability to help us tap into our creativity. Each song on the album is unique, with a plethora of instruments and melodic qualities of different music movements. The first song on the album, "Hook and Reel,” pays homage to the bongos and steel drums of reggae while tracks like “Be Like This” feature a light orchestral line layered beneath a fast-paced beat. Cuts like “That’s It” and “Oh Wait” utilize the synth sounds of futuristic 80’s pop to accompany DAMNJET’s flow. He takes us home with the rich trumpet lines of “Long Path,” the final track on the album. Item 9 is a journey from start to finish, filled with music that speaks directly to the soul.

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