Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Stream: @kyng_ali Releases New EP Titled 'Coronacation'

Kyng Ali releases a new EP, Coronacation. The EP consists of three songs, "We Outside", "Zodiac", and "Shoutout". As Ali recalls the single, "We Outside" was created in an ironic way. "The weekend I recorded the song, I originally didn't plan to go to the studio because my friends were begging me to come outside and party. Quickly this became my inspiration in the studio." Ali later explains he wanted to name the project by a familiar phrase used amongst his peers, "we outside." The beat of the piece is contagious, presenting a smooth and dope feel. Ali made sure to make the music video fun and effortless. The video showcases an exciting and promising future with bottles, beauties, and booze. Ali's three new tracks are a fantastic way to re-enter society and enjoy life once again! Be sure to listen to Kyng Ali's EP, Coronacation out on multiple platforms.

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