Thursday, August 5, 2021

New Jersey Native @spadesemaj Releases New EP with 'Third Eye'

New Jersey native, Spade Semaj, releases a new EP, Third Eye. Semaj explains the EP encourages his audience to practice "self-love, happiness, and patience". Consisting of four songs, the piece incorporates fluid instrumentals and meaningful lyrics. Songs such as "Hit List" and "No Different" provide a fresh yet fascinating sound, making one want to listen on repeat. The EP was entirely produced by Miami native, ProdbySanchez. Semaj and ProducedbySanchez met back in 2018 when Semaj left New Jersey. Spade Semaj found himself in Miami studios with Dj Khaled’s very own, Ayo Juan, and Lu Diaz. Since moving to Tampa Florida, Semaj has been working with RAM Management. This has led to him signing a two singles release deal with Animal Head Entertainment.Through life experiences and an effortless grind, Semaj created a classic and noteworthy piece. Be sure to listen to Semaj's new EP out on multiple platforms. 

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