Thursday, July 22, 2021

Upcoming Chicago Group, 2020, Gives Us "Feels" With Their Latest Visual

2020 is a hip-hop trio composed of three “brothas” from different parts of Illinois. Dario (Cartay) of Joliet, IL jumped into music at the young age of 10. Earl (Eazzy) of Chicago, IL has always had a love for music and basketball. Roger (Rogy) of Bolingbrook, IL began his musical journey during his teen years. At the young age of 20 and with a clear vision of where they wanted their musical careers to go, the group developed the stage name 2020. Now, they share the visuals to their record "Feels".
"Honestly, this song came out of thin air! I was gaming at home and listening to beats. I found this beat and I knew off top the first verse had to be crazy! From there, I later linked up with the guys and we just had fun with the track."

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