Tuesday, June 8, 2021

. @Haveanicedaymo Returns with New Hit Single, “Drink in My Cup”


Daymo returns with his new hit single, “Drink in My Cup”, to give fans a taste of his recent work. The California crooner known typically for his emotionally engaging R&B grooves drops this masterpiece, flexing his singing rap skills over a powerfully upbeat ballad. With tight flows and complex rhyme schemes delivered over dreamy synths, Daymo leaves active listeners speechless on “Drink in My Cup”, while passive listeners are rewarded with a smooth and captivating instrumental. “Drink in My Cup” is the anthem for the shy lover who needs some relaxation to express it. Singing stories of unreciprocated love, Daymo captures an unparalleled vibe on this track, with powerful rests that truly express how vulnerable it feels to finally tell that special someone exactly what’s on your mind. Sometimes, all it takes is a drink in your cup and the smooth texture that is Daymo’s sound. 

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