Friday, May 28, 2021

New Orleans' @504IcyGirl Puts in "Work" on New Single

We're definitely fans of 504IcyGirl and really enjoying her latest drop with "Work". “Work” sees 504icygrl intentionally flaunt a classic Missy Elliott sample before she begins gliding through the beat with ease. The New Orleans native’s patented style remains intact here, providing a short track under two minutes that’s guaranteed to have you run it back. The icygrl’s confidence and irrefutable energy bursts through in “Work” which was intentional. “After dropping my last EP, I decided that I wanted to make music that more of my supporters could relate,” 504icygrl says, “...The beat got me out of a weird writer’s block I was having, I was feeling it and it made want to hustle and elevate ASAP.” 504icygrl’s 2021 debut sets the path for the rest of the year with New Orleans standpoint getting ready to make some big announcements soon. 

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