Thursday, May 13, 2021

Milwaukee Rising Artist @chico414 Releases New 17-track EP Titled 'J.A.P.A.N'

Milwaukee rising artist Chico Manolo releases a brand new 17-track EP titled J.A.P.A.N., acronym for “Just A Player Ass Nigga.” Like the title suggests, the EP is centered around a playboy concept. Based on a true story, the EP details from start to finish how Chico caught up in a fling with a woman who has a boyfriend and the woman’s man is not too pleased. Being the player that he is, Chico is properly prepared for any outcome that may arise out of this. Featuring production from Mammyth, Youngced Tha Menace, Ajod BEATS, Yung Dza, KaSaunJ, MemphismoneyBag, Kingdrumdummie, and Thatboivon, the tape is diverse in sound. From soulful classic retakes like “Mackin” to booming rap bars on “Like Money,” Chico showcases an artist that can not be confined to one box. The project is carefully crafted in storytelling with cinematic skits that prelude many of the tracks. The project comes with a music video release for the track “Power,” a visual that is all about overcoming obstacles and empowering oneself!

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