Monday, March 1, 2021

DB Kash Releases Latest Single Under UMG Umbrella Titled "Child Support"

The Baton Rouge rapper, known as DB Kash, releases his latest single under the UMG umbrella titled "Child Support." The new single is that song you think of when you go to the club to blow off steam. Why might you ask? The song's name is nothing short of a play on words but there is a meaning behind it. "Child Support" is a strip club anthem because it's a distraction from reality. Imagine all the reasons as to why one can’t handle the responsibility of paying child support, but what if the man had the time to think before he made the choice to go that far?  In the track itself, DB Kash raps luring cadences of words that tell a story of why and how the club-goer is distracted by what's in front of him instead of the reality of the outcome. Stuck between a rock and a hard place is the definition of the song, and like most who find themselves on the end of paying out child support, the consequences become dire.

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