Thursday, February 18, 2021

. @VsFriz Delivers '16 Shots Later' Album

Sixteen shots isn't just the name of Vs Friz latest project, it's a testament to his own life. The rapper was shot sixteen times and somehow survived, further proving his role as a musician. He is an example of the purpose of hip-hop; to express the feelings of the people with all the odds stacked against them, but continue to persevere. 16 Shots Later is laced with ten new tracks from the artist who only seeks assistance from TuffyDoe. 

I got another chance my family and supporters inspired me to keep going after I was shot. I’ve never really realized how many people I’ve touched and inspired until I got an endless amount of love and support in the hospital. So many people told me I made them keep going at their lowest points and I motivated them to get money and shine!

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