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. @sirboregard Talks Challenges Faced with Releasing 'Trust Fall 2' with

One of our favorite standouts in Atlanta is BOREGARD. In fact, he was the one to put us on the Kenny Mason with their collaborative EP. Now, all ears are on BOREGARD with Trust Fall 2, coming years later after his debut mixtape. In that timespan, the BOREGARD has truly found his stride. The Bassmint Fresh rapper connects with the likes of Jelani Imani, DavidtheTragic, Tom the Mail Man and Bby Kodie. Of course, BOREGARD grabs Ethan Lamb on production along with Jelani Imani, Will Hendrixs, ShySlash, Tbox, and Saint Nick. We spoke with BOREGARD on the process of creating Trust Fall 2 in the middle of a pandemic.

What was it like to work on your new project in the middle of a pandemic? Did you have any challenges?

BOREGARD: With this project in particular, I was holding onto some of these songs for a long time and just contemplating when to put them out. Songs like "MYFB" and "Long Days" just felt very relevant to the times and I wanted to share them with the world, I just wasn't sure how. The main challenge was getting the other content made despite the quarantine. However, my collaborators and I were able to remain safe. I have been working on a lot of new music with Ethan though, so the real hardest part was holding off on dropping some of the craziest heat in my vault.

How was it working with the different producers featured on your project (Wili Hendrix, Ethan Lamb, Jelani Imani)

BOREGARD: It was an honor truly! These are, in my opinion, some of the most talented people that I've ever met, and the fact that they feel the same way about me pushes me to go harder as a vocalist. "Method" in particular was a cathartic experience. I'd been trying to work with Wili Hendrixs for a while, so when he sent the pack I had to show out. The track with Jelani and David came very naturally, a lot of Jelani's best songs are produced by him, so the fact that he shared that side of himself with me, meant a lot. I feel like I could make an entire project with each producer on this project, and that's how I felt when I completed Trustfall (1).

How has your music changed since the release of your debut project? How does TrustFall2 reflect your growth as an artist?

BOREGARD: My confidence has grown to unprecedented levels (for better or worse). I take more risks with my lyrics and delivery, and it pays off. I've been more comfortable in my natural states, and I've found a way to translate that musically. Trustfall2 is spoken from the POV of someone who has been overwhelmed with emotion and lived to tell the tale. The BOREGARD. on November 1st, 2016 would be extremely proud to hear this follow-up. "Long Days" is one of my favorite songs I've ever made and/or heard honestly. I'm becoming more and more confident in my product.

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