Wednesday, January 20, 2021

. @kaicash Celebrates his Redemption in Music with New Track, "Trinity"

2021 woke up the sleeping giant as Kai Ca$h releases his first single of the year titled, “Trinity”. As an artist, Kai Ca$h represents a new generation of lyricists who have created their own path while still paying homage to those before him. “Trinity” is a release of harbored feelings from people, self-doubt, and redemption. Especially in the climate that as a society we are facing, it is difficult to let go of emotions, but Kai Ca$h allows his listeners to use his music as an outlet to wipe the slate clean. “Looking back who played me, thank you greatly, now look here’s redemption” is a bar that will clearly stand out to listeners, as Kai thanks those who turned their backs on him because it only fueled him to be even greater.

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