Monday, October 12, 2020

. @ToneEyeful Releases 4-Tracks with 'Colors' EP

New Haven, CT artist Tone Eyeful releases his Colors EP. Totaling 4 tracks, Tone uses his platform to tell the emotions of waking up and seeing the death of George Floyd, the tears that it brought, and its lasting effects around the world. Another day, another hashtag, another protest. Tracks like "No Justice No Peace" serve as an introspective lens into the eye of a black man battling a broken system. While tracks like "Rise Up" are motivational monikers, defying society's status quo bar after bar. The project in its entirety is the soundtrack to the movement, the voice of the marginalized, the stories of a nation reckoning with its rugged past and present. From clement and hard knocking beats to indelible rap liners, Tone shows persevering motives and grand messaging that is authentic and unclouded.
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