Monday, June 22, 2020

Listen: @staysolidrocky Shares Soulful Slapper Titled“VACANT HEART” Featuring Keezy

Equally inspired by Bone Thug N-Harmony and Drake, StaySolidRocky always wears his emotions on his sleeve. Confronting his past as he struggles to keep his emotions in check, Rocky shares “Vacant Heart” featuring Keezy today via Columbia Records. Driven by gently-plucked acoustic guitar and fluttering synth strings, Rocky digs deep while reflecting on the betrayal and empty trust for his lover: “I’m havin painless thoughts/you was the only one who knew me til you broke our bond/you got me ventin’ to this bitch and I don’t even got her fuckin heart/I showed my scars, they fake a hunnid’ but I see the flaws.”
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