Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Stream: @lorddandre Shares his Latest with 'D'Andre 3000'

Rising artist Lord D’Andre $mith releases a dope new 7-Track project entitled “D’Andre 3000.” He kicks off the EP with super energetic, up-tempo tracks like “Oak Creak” and “ELVIS,” which quickly capture the listener’s attention. Then, he gradually shifts the entire vibe of the project towards the end, closing on a more calm and soothing note (with tracks like “ACID” and “Moonwalk”). The entire project was recorded/engineered by Lord alone in his inexpensive home-studio space, and features beats from Hawaiian Superproducer Renzy808, Atlanta producer Brodie Beatz, and two of Lord’s long time friends, ATO & Pavor Nocturnu$.
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