Thursday, August 15, 2019

. @seefrvncis Drops off Latest Single Titled "Kumbaya"

New Jersey’s dynamic creative, see.francis, is set to release his upcoming single ‘Kumbaya’ Monday, August 5th. The hardened, yet mystical hip-hop entrepreneur is known for his ability to diversify his role within music, and thrive while doing it. Alongside being a recording artist, see.francis has been able to successfully produce and even act at high levels. If anything is clear, it’s that the talented creative isn’t afraid of adaption. He welcomes it. Following the success of a string of loosies in 2018-2019, see.francis decided it was time to compile a different energy for his fan-base. His upcoming single ‘Kumbaya’ highlights the effortless nature that see.francis emanates when he’s in the zone. The loose, yet distinctly upbeat production accompanied by Francis’ vocals combine for an eloquent kick-back anthem.
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