Friday, July 19, 2019

. @SierraShante Drops off New Track Titled "Hoe in Peace"

It's a Hot Girl Summer and Sierra Shante is her with a new anthem titled "Hoe in Peace". Sierra calls out men attempting to “keep tabs on the cat” by reminding them that she is in charge of running her own body and that it is only hers to be concerned with. The rising lyricist is exasperated by the double standards between men and women’s rights to shameless sexual freedom. With cutting lyrics, “This ain’t no ‘Do you how you do me’”/ This ain’t no pretense.” she proclaims that a woman isn’t just sexually free to prove anything, but to live life on her own terms. Sierra says, “...If you wanna call me and how I’m living “hoeish” --- so be it. But they always end up on your clit in the end.”

Stream above!
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