Thursday, March 21, 2019

. @itscarahart is "Breaking Habits" with Latest Single

After a session at Universal Records, Cara met producer Nat Young, who has worked with artists like Saweetie. She and Nat decided to collaborate and make an album and from that session "Breaking Habits" was transpired, the first single off their collaborative project.

"My first single, ‘Breaking Habits’, is a tribute to that moment where you can see a situation in hindsight and its all 20/20," said Hart. "Obviously, in this case it’s about a boy, but it’s also a song about all the cycles we get trapped in because of our own bad habits… and sometimes our bad habits can be the people we let in that might not be good for us."

She taking her experiences with this record and created a track we can all relate to. Stream above!
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