Friday, July 13, 2018

Mississippi's @JudsonMusic Shares his new single "Palm Trees"

Mississippi's Judson Wright is still very young in his career as a solo musician, but sometimes youth means very little in comparison to quality. This is very much the case for Judson with his new single "Palm Trees". You would be hard pressed to find a comparable sound, as the musician's knack for genre-bending sounds shines brightly. An infectious hooks, meaningful lyrics and self-production drive the single.Within the message of Palm Trees is an expression of a man at his breaking point. Judson Wright both raps and sings, full of anxious excitement, about denying dissatisfaction and breaking through depression to pursue his full potential. It's seldom that you will find a song that balances both being extremely catchy and carrying such a message of positivity that people need to hear. 
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