Friday, July 20, 2018

Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper @Tr1zz Releases 'The Attic'

Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper Trizz, releases “The Attic”. “The Attic” is a combination of grimy and honest rhymes where Trizz gets assisted by guest features T.F, Twisted Insane, Radio Base, Traffic, Cal-E-Clipz and Bobby B. Trizz continues ““Ashes N Dust” was just the start and now we find ourselves in “The Attic” and right after down below, in the “The Basement””. These 2 albums are a follow up to wrap up the series that is “Ashes N Dust”. Still gritty with some west coast flavor to spice it up, “The Attic” will paint a dark picture while “The Basement” will paint a brighter one yet still gruesom
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