Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WATCH: Malcolm is Hoping to "Call You"

Malcolm releases a thoughtful visual for his song “Call You.”
Call You is a confession of regret, a tale of contemplation and a hope for redemption. Malcolm raps his love letter smoothly over the warm Prapi C produced beat. He opens admitting his guilt and wrongdoings. “I know I was moving funny like two left feet.” Reminiscent of J. Cole and Nas, Malcolm is authentic in his storytelling.
The Jay Visual opens as Malcolm sits at a kitchen table with a pen and paper in hand; as he sits racking his brain, the beat begins. He embarks on a journey thumbing through his memory of a lost love played by the beautiful Keyolo.

“Like a dropped pass it was getting outta hand.” He writes as the memories play across his mind. He’s contemplating sending a text, but refuses all thoughts for fear of rejection. But while scrolling the former flame’s Instagram, noticing how good she’s looking he can’t resist. He musters up the courage to call. Surprised that she answers he asks the famous question returning lover’s do “Wassup Stranger?”
Check out the love story below:

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