Thursday, March 22, 2018

West Coast’s newest phenom @J_Sirus Drops off "Lonesome"

Only a couple months into 2018 and J. Sirus is STEADY applying heavy pressure. Two weeks after dropping his lead single/video “Back in Yonkers,” the West Coast’s newest phenom has given listeners yet another reason to believe in his vision. While the former acts as the explosive anthem for the Village, Sirus’ second single, “Lonesome,” lures you to the deep end, presenting his darkest battles for the world to see. Less is more, or at least it is when it comes to setting the tone in “Lonesome.” Using a few subtle keys and ambient notes, Sirus sets up his revelation perfectly, before a word is even spoken. The track opens up with references to the pitfalls of trusting others, as well as himself. “I feel a cold breeze in the wind/The old me tryna defeat me again,” says Sirus, highlighting the ongoing battle within himself. Featuring vocals from the mysterious Kohzï, “Lonesome” layers lyrical gems on top of a hypnotizing, neo soul instrumental. Although much different from the house-party original “Back in Yonkers,” J. Sirus delivers yet again with this somber classic.

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