feature//: @frescovangOGh Takes Us To 'Brooklyn, GA' on Latest Project

Fre$co Van gOgh has seen heartache first hand. From losing his mother to a hear attack and brother  suicide, the artist channels his struggles and pain into his latest project titled brooklyn, GA, which he released on his late mothers birthday. Fre$co's swaggy, soulful, approach is both interesting and unique, with smooth boombap-ish samples accompanied by hard hitting 808's & trap drums, but with sharp lyricism throughout. The boomtraap artist grabs frequent collaborators Harvey K from the UK and Dorante, who is known by his production for the mysterious emerging artist NO1DRUG and more on beats. This project also features songs like 'november 15th' which is his brothers birthday and 'okay, cool' , that features Private Club Records' Noah Wood$ and MyNamePhin. 

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