Wednesday, October 12, 2016

feature//: Three Major Things Artist Should Do After A Music Festival

So you survived A3C? Kudos! Music festivals can be both exhausting and rewarding, especially those focused on helping independent artists excel in their careers like A3C or SXSW. Now that the festival is over, here are a few tips for independent artists following a music festival. *Major Key alert*


I know, I know, we wish it could be all about the music, but, every now and again, you have to break out your "networking" chomps. Music festivals such as A3C and SXSW are full of opportunities for upcoming artists to rub some elbows. Following up is a major key. Be sure to shoot your new contacts an email, reintroduce yourself and offer ways you can build a mutually beneficial relationship. You never know who you might meet and how well you will work together.

Learn from your mistakes. What could you do different next year? Bring more business cards? A portable charger? Performance could have gone better? Take the negatives from your experience this year and use it to improve your next year. 

Prepare for next year. Now that you have this year's festival under your belt, focus on your goals for the next year. If you have project you're working on or an idea you want to expand on, get to work! Keep the energy going. Maybe someone you followed up with can help you or help you reach the next step in the master plan. It's never too early to start on next year. 
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