Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The ILL Table (@TheIllTable) Season 2 | Oct. 2 - 12pm on

Social Media enthusiast and creator of “The ILL Table”, Shelanese Andrews, is set to premiere her second season of the hit web series on Thursday October 2, 2014 at 12p.m. on

“The ILL Table” will have its premiere party October 2nd at Vibe Lounge in Atlanta powered by Esquire Thursdays &The ILL Group.

“The ILL Table” Season Two’s premiere features the vibrant singer/songwriter Marian Mereba as Shelanese digs deep to discover challenges as well as triumphs in Marian's music journey. Broke2dope  was able to stop by the set a while back and see first hand the connections Shelly has with each guests. She placed everyone at ease with her sense of humor, while diving into their individual journeys.

“Season two is simply a continuous exhibition of season 1. My purpose is to showcase that these individuals are still pursuing their dreams despite setbacks”, Shelanese expresses. “At such a young and eager age, these wonderful individuals I had the pleasure to connect with during this season are embarking on endeavors such as touring the world, meeting idols, and breaking records while maintaining humility and understanding the meaning of perseverance. They are future legends.”

“The ILL Table” encourages you to accompany them on their journey and view the premiere of Season 2 in the comfort of good company. Please be sure to use the hashtag #ThursdaysAtTheTable where Shelanese as well as Marian Mereba will engage viewers and answer questions following the premiere.

In addition, follow “The ILL Table” on Twitter and IG for exclusive clips and details about upcoming episodes!
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