Monday, September 22, 2014

Key! (@FatManKey) + FKi (@Fkimusic): FKEYi EP [stream]

Key! teams up with FKi on latest EP appropriately named FKeyi. Key rhymes overs original beats from the Zooly Gang production duo on the 5 track project. Some notable features include ManManSavage, Makonnen, Ian Connor and Omari Shakir. To celebrate the release of this tape, Key! catches up with The Fader Magazine.

On New Atlanta
Yeah, and I been in all of them, since the first one. I feel old now, and I ain’t nothing but 23. Like the Two 9 phenomenon, when that shit was going crazy, they treated us the same way. But like, if Atlanta is paying attention, then everybody is paying attention. Because it’s nothing but pushing rappers out the same way Detroit was pushing Motown out.

On his predictions of himself
I’m probably gonna run music by the time I’m like 40. I probably won’t make no music by then cause everybody gonna sound like me. Or it’s gonna be like Stevie Wonder music. I recently just found out I can play the piano, I never knew I could play the piano before.

On being slept on
I don’t think I am. I haven’t stopped eating for the last three years. I’m the only thing that’s pushing me back. It took a long time, so it’s gonna last a long time. Like I said, the only person holding me back is me. If I ever go broke, it’s because I let myself go broke. 

Read the full interview on Fader

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