Friday, September 12, 2014

Ez Threadz (@EzThreadzclo) S/S '14 x "Ez Living" Mini Series

"Work hard, Live Ez"

Miami Beach in the summertime sitting by a salmon colored concrete pool presents the scene of most mobster movies and I would imagine this line to be. Based and founded in Miami, FL Ez Threadz Clothing is a streetwear brand giving us something different from the South. They are currently promoting their mini web series going behind the scenes of how their “Rich Off Drugz” collection came to life and the adventures that they encounter along the way. In effort to connect with their current supporters and the supporters to come they wanted to let you see their process at a more personal level.
Their first episode features Rachael W., who also is the dame the blesses Ez Threadz “Life’s a Beach” Tee and behind the scenes with Florida rapper, Lil Champ FWAY during their look book photo shoot. This dope visual was directed and shot by MARCmyword.  This collection consists of the prior mentioned design as well as The Good Day Tee, XO14 Tee, and their Zero Fucks Given Tee.  These designs are pretty dope and original, I personally like their last collection a lot. This makes me interested to see what these guys are going to present for their Fall collection. I hope this brand does not get lost in the sea of the t-shirt brands and I hope to see a lot more design from these guys more than anything during this mini series and in the future.
You can find out more about this mobster inspired line and where to buy at and you can follow them on Twitter and Instragram @ezthreadzclo
Watch the first episode of "Ez Living" here: Ez Living S:1/E:1 from Ez Threadz Clothing on Vimeo.

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