Monday, September 22, 2014

#AudioCommon featured Artist - One on One with T*Merk (@tmksm)

A3C is less than three weeks away and we can't wait ...neither can Birmingham artist T*Merk who will be featured on the AudioCommon stage this year. had the opportunity to get to know this emcee a bit. Check out our interview below:

1. So, you're from Birmingham, right? Do you hear a difference between the music scene there and Atlanta?
Yes, I hail from Birmingham, Alabama. The music scene in Birmingham has always been different from Atlanta, but especially in the last 5-6 years. Atlanta has been the epicenter of southern rap for the last 10+ years and the music tends to be based trends. Alabama is all about grimy, trap, hood music and I believe that is a reflection of the socioeconomic condition of the state. As music trends in Atlanta have come and gone (krunk music, snap music, etc.) Alabama music has stayed constant in its sound and artist here have been  and continue to be dedicated to the development and evolution of that sound.

2. What do you expect from performing at A3C?
I expect to put on a good show and have a good time. I relish in being in creative environments, particularly musical ones. The energy of these type of festivals always reassures me that this is something that I love and that I am fortunate to be a member of the community of music enthusiasts. 

3. Is this your first year at A3C?
 Yes, year one.

4,Who are some of your influences?
Entirely too many to name, but sonically, Maze & Frankie Beverly, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, 80’s Rock, 90s R&B,  Charlie Parker, Dizzy G, Classic Blues and Jazz. From Hip Hop perspective, Hov, Nas, Rakim, Pac, Talib, T.I., Outkast.

5. How was it working on The Kennedy Compound?
It was tedious, but fun. Loosely concept-based project. Had the chance to try out some new flows and new sounds.

6.The year is almost over, what's up next for you in 2015?
Just putting in the work, perfecting my craft and enjoying the music. The music never stops, so don’t ever stop the music.

Find T*Merk on the AudioCommon stage at A3C this year. RSVP here:

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