Monday, September 15, 2014

#AudioCommon Featured Artist - @MANN Q+A with

A3C is quickly approaching and we caught up with Mann aka Yump Daniels with a quick Q+A. Get familiar and catch Mann live at A3C this October. 

 A3C is celebrating 10 years, how do you think hip hop has changed in 10 years? 
Hip Hop is always evolving. 10 years ago it was cool to be signed to a Label and do the whole demo, shop around thing. Now artist are saying Fuck Record Labels, fuck radio, and Independent is the way to go. I think its more exciting now because some very amazing music is being made and we are getting it straight from the source, not through the middle man. (Record Companies)
Some say you really broke out as an artist in 2010, how what you changed since then?
 I still don't think I have really broken out as an artist. I broke out as a Rapper in 2010, and back then I was still in the mindset of making my label happy and trying to find a middle ground with what they wanted and what I ultimately wanted. Now I make moves for PeaceLife. I make music, find artist, and do shows only if it makes sense with the PeaceLife brand now. 

 You were signed? What made you go independent?
Freedom of speech. Labels follow trends and whats hot right now, when I think about the future and what I can make hot. I wanted to speak on things that the world needed to hear, not wanted to hear. They didn't like my ideas, so we split ways on good terms. I don't have beef with labels, I just have my own mission that I am on and if you can't get with it then get lost. 

What album has influenced you the most? 
 Kanye West, every album. But I think Graduation was my favorite one. Sonically that's how I want my albums to sound.

What's it like to be in a studio with you? 
Hella fun. I love laughing, discussing music, and I love to smoke weed. I also love in depth  conversations about life, that's where I get a lot of my ideas from. 

Have you been to A3C before? What do you expect this year?
 I haven't been to A3C before. I'm excited. I dont know what to expect either besides me giving my all on the stage. I am excited as hell for this though.

How do you think will be helpful to artists? 
Its a really cool thing going on. I think it's already been helping my career as far as giving me a good platform to showcase the new stuff I have been working on.
Where does your name "Yump Daniels" originate?

 Fun Fact. The producer of the Chris Brown song "Loyal", Nic Nac, gave me that name. Him and his group, known as the starting six, started calling me that when we were kicking it tough. Them and my other friends from the Bay had a big impact on my life while I was figuring out my next step for my career. I was learning a lot about being independent artist from them. It started as a joke because of my adlib YUMP in almost all my records. and the drink of choice, Jack Daniels.
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