Friday, August 15, 2014

Dope Fashion! Morning After Ltd (@MorningAfterLtd) S/S '14

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This is a brand that is taking an innovative approach to how they interact with their consumers. Morning After Ltd. Is a brand aimed for the models, people 16 -24 are encouraged to start their modeling career with Morning After. Their goal is aimed at promoting the model as well as the design. A relatively new brand Morning After was started by Reuben Royal in London last year, 2013. Royal collaborated with designer, Jordan Edwards-Wilks, on the brand's very different designs.

"The brand revolves around paying homage to things that came before them. The name itself "Morning After" is an homage to events of The Night Before, and also started as a sub label to the group "Way2Faded" (The name speaks for itself and it's nightlife)"

 The mixture of galactic apparitions work well on both sexes of their featured models. Morning After promotes a lifestyle of the fashion lover, their blog has some pretty interesting reads and gives you a personal perspective of how to be apart of the industry. This growing brand has created an avenue for themselves that can definitely set them apart from other international brands. Recently they partnered with UK media group Jstar Entertainment so we hope to see the impact that they bring to the US. We are looking forward to seeing what is to come. Their approach is already different as they are the first to share a poem with me and asked that it be passed along.

To find out more about this brand and to check out their look book at .

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