Friday, August 8, 2014

Dope Fashion: KosmiK Clothing Co. (@KosmiK_Clothing) GIVEAWAY

"Live Life. Do Dope. Just Kos."

Kosmik Clothing Company is an independent Atlanta brand that is recreating the idea of reality by embodying a complete state of satisfaction and joy, euphoria. With their focus on simplicity, KosmiK presents a full collection of pieces that can be easily paired with things already in your closet. As a brand, one of their goals is the ability their pieces have to seamlessly add to your wardrobe without having to purchase complementary items. I can see how that is being achieved with the minimum approach KosmiK is taking with their designs. Their typography based logo embellishes their brand to create a simple, yet memorable design inspired by hip hop and the style of modern skate culture.

Though the idea for KosmiK was conceived and the company is based in Atlanta the brand was established on May 8th 2013, in North Carolina. A southern brand indeed founder, Gavin DeChaun, describe to me how in the summer of 2012 KosmiK will and idea on a piece of notebook paper. Inspiration for KosmiK struck him while watching an episode of The Jetsons, "The idea of a brand was already there. I knew what I wanted us to stand for. The ideology was all set." Seeing Elroy Jetson being completely carefree transcended him to space, this is where he got the idea of "cosmic" and with some reworking KosmiK's reality was formed.

Underrated Hungry Dope

Though they are very new brand, KosmiK is already headed in the right direction by giving back to the community, by attending events like Broke2Dopes #OperationFeedATL. They were kind enough to donate some packages to the cause and we would like to pass them on to you. To find out more about this brand and to view/purchase the merchandise visit their website

To enter the giveaway follow @KosmiK_Clothing and @Broke2Dope on Instagram and share the image below with hashtag #KosmikGiveaway.


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