Monday, June 9, 2014

Shvkeir (@Shvkxir) - Thug Life (feat. Dricka Banks) [listen]

A little bit more Dizzee Rascal than Drizzy and more Scrufizzer than DJ Screw, Dallas, Texas-born spitter Shvkeir (pronounced Shock-ear) recently released his CVMERVS EP. Nestled near the tail end of the EP is this standout cut that craftily mixes Tupac, UK garage music, screwed vocals, and Bobby Caldwell.

If that alone isn't enough to pique your interest, then the subject matter is sure to do it, as Shock discusses the relatable troubles of fostering a healthy relationship and cultivating a career over smooth production. Stream it below, and if you want to hear more check him out on Soundcloud.
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