Friday, May 30, 2014

Dope Fashion: BOSHOK (@BoshokClothing) "ChamPain" S/S'14 Collection

I stumbled across this brand through seemingly effective internet marketing, when I noticed one of my very fashionable followers retweeted a kente cloth bucket hat. When I seen the design I deemed it an instant need for my personal collection. I needed it. The love captured me.

Founded in 2011, Victor Umeh and Nick Fave established Boshok out of the trunk of Victor’s car while attending the University of Arizona, in Tucson, AZ. Boshok has expanded rapidly in 3 years, from Arizona to Washington D.C. this brand is covering each coast with fresh innovative designs.

Inspirational | Informational | Edgy

Boshok, meaning “Blood of Slaves, Hearts of Kings” has taken a powerful presence in the fashion industry and has the ultimate Broke2Dope story. “To us that [Blood of Slaves, Hearts of Kings] represents someone that basically came from nothing to make something of themselves.” Embodying inspiration for people who come from unfavorable circumstances to achieve dreams unimaginable, Boshok will soon be seen as a pillar of achievement for each person and every community that the brand encounters.
Umeh and Fave have put in a lot of hard work into this Spring/ Summer collection that they described as celebratory, reflecting the theme “May your Pain be Cham[pain]”. The men of Boshok have produced an emblematic toast to their hard work and dedication to their brand. Transcending boundaries like age and race with the running theme of Kente, “the cloth of kings” and these bright vivid colors in this collection, Boshok is representing a people of strength and their fight. With designs like the “Mandela” tee, Boshok pays homage to the late former South African president and revolutionary, while also reminding the current generation of the great works that can be achieved. I believe that Boshok has laid the foundation for their brand to become an imperial entity in the streetwear sector of fashion. Creating these simplistic yet powerful designs for the masses, Boshok, with brand favorites like their “Success Breeds Enemies” and their “World Is Yours” tees, has been using inspiration as their guide to great designs. My personal favorites are their floral designs, and the Kente pieces from the new collection, their simplicity resonates throughout, showing that a good design can be interchangeable for the masses. I have faith these guys will keep producing greatness in the years to come.

"To us that represents someone that basically came from nothing to make something of themselves.”

This collection features pieces for men and women, including hats, crop tops and tees, that can be found and purchased on their website


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