Friday, December 6, 2013

Meital x Give Us Back Love [listen]

Chart topping ,actress-tuned-singer Meital Dohan continues her hot streak as she releases "Give Us Back Love (Problem Remix)." The original track hit the #7 spot  From a scene-stealing stint on Showtime's "Weeds" and a pair of Israeli Academy Award nods for best actress to 10 million combined views for her first music videos, "Yummy" and the Sean Kingston-assisted "On Ya," Meital is "pop's new triple threat." 

The Problem Remix for "Give Us Back Love" slightly darkens the stadium-sized anthemic nature of the original. Whatever the version, be it this one or the inevitable slew of unsolicited of user-submitted remixes, "Give Us Back Love" is primed for international ubiquity.

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Meital Dohan - Give Us Back Love Ft. Problem (Produced by Reflex)
available for purchase  on iTunes:

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