Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guest Post: Nifty Thrifty [fashion]

So you’re balling on a budget? That’s okay because I am too! They call me Nifty Thrifty and I am here to help you satisfy your fashion tastes (on a budget of course). The best place to shop in order to stay trendy, fashionable, and truly unique is at a thrift store. That includes Goodwill, Value Village, Consignment Shops, and any other place that says thrift in the name. I know thrift stores can be a little overwhelming at times, but here are a couple tips to help reduce your stress levels.

Know What You’re Looking For

It's Fall and with Winter shortly around the corner, let’s get prepared. Most thrift stores are organized by style (shirt, sweaters, pants) and color (ROYGBIV), which makes shopping a tad bit easier. When looking for Fall apparel, I suggest searching for items that fall within these colors:  Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Red, Electric Blue, Dark Gray, and Rich Brown. Click here to learn how to play around with the color combinations. While color selection is important in Fall fashion, so is your outerwear. Check out the blazer/suit section and don’t forget the sweater/cardigan section. I personally like to find items that have crazy patterns and/or oddly shaped. That’s what you call ‘making a statement’.

To attack Winter Fashion: The obvious thing to say would be “visit the sweater section”, so I won’t. I will say ~ Don’t miss out on your leathers (faux and genuine)! This goes for guys and girls. Leather is a great statement piece in all colors and styles. Also, they pair perfectly with knits. The scarves and hats are equally as important. That section is typically smaller, but you never know what you may come across!   

Take it Rack by Rack

Don’t limit yourself to these colors and those sections. Make sure to go rack by rack and item by item in all the sections. This is the time that people start to donate last season items. It may be time consuming but the best items are sometimes wedged between two fugly shirts lol.     

To find out more fashion tips, thrift tips, and DIY projects, visit The Color Tag.  

Nifty Thrifty

My name is Vivian, but the thrift-ing world knows me as Nifty Thrifty.  As a child, I thought thrift stores were for the poor and everything bought at one of "those" stores were out of style and/or wouldn't fit properly. Therefore, I avoided them at all cost. Fast-forward 7 years, I found myself back inside the thrift stores where I vowed I never would go. It was mainly because I loved shopping and I had to find a way to stay stylish while being a struggling college student.  Then (my late teens) and now (my early twenties), I found and still find that thrift stores represent a land of endless opportunities and a chance to truly express your personal style.
In 4 years, I have blossomed into the Thrift-ing Guru that I am today and my closet and 2 dresses are the proof. I have found an array of interesting statement pieces that reflect my crazy, sexy, and cool personality. My ability to style via the thrift store has become an inspiration to many. So I thought, why not expand to the world wide web?  This site is a thrift store inspired fashion blog designed with you in mind. With my tricks and treats of the thrift stores, soon you will find that
THRIFT[ing] is FASHION[able].

XOXOXO, Nifty Thrifty

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