Monday, October 28, 2013

Dope Feature: C X C Interview enjoys seeing females do their thing in the music business. Whether it's singing, rapping, managing, or producing, we dig the female touch. B2D got a chance to catch up with a young, female producer making her own path all the way from the Netherlands.

I basically have the opportunity to create sounds that others can listen to and be inspired by.

Roshwita Larisha Bacha, better known as C X C, grew up surrounded by music and began to make her own beat at a young age. At just seventeen years old, C has already worked with artists from Altanta, the Netherlands, and London. She's worked with the likes of Jae Fly, Leems, SB Babyy, Wave Chapelle, Lafayette Stokely, and 4:20.

There aren't too many females on the production side, how is it for you? Are there any barriers?
For me it's like the less there are the more I can convince to do so. Right now I can't come up with any barriers I had to overcome but there are some benefits cause people don't expect much when they think of a female producer, so you can only leave a bigger impact when you show them your productions and then they gon be like yoo! haha

What will I find in your iPod or music player?
I like albums that got their own signature, like A$AP Ferg's new album ''Trap Lord'' or Robb Bank$ his mixtape ''Calendars''. They are each perfect in their own sounds and you can tell just by the instrumentals which artist it belongs to.

 Who has been the most interesting person you worked with? How was the experience? 
That must be Wave Chapelle, that kid is the greatest unsigned rapper I've ever met and it's only a matter of time till people start to notice him.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
Well if I had to choose it would be Trinidad James or Robb Bank$, they have had a huge influence on me.
 What inspires you to make music?
I basically have the opportunity to create sounds that others can listen to and be inspired by, it's not about having the guts to prove society wrong that you can become someone no matter the barriers or the pre-judgements people make of you. It's about how long you can stay committed to your commitments and sounds. And that's what inspires me.

Any advice to other females entering into the music business?
Yes, try to find your own style and signature and don't worry about the time it will take to do so cause eventually you will find it. You got to work hard to build up a reputation but don't let that scare you.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Probably somewhere in the US making beats haha I really don't know what the future has in store for me but I'll make sure it has something to do with music.

You're all the way from the Netherlands, do you think you'll try crossing over to the US? How do the two differ, musically?
Yes, I think I'll be moving to the US in a couple of years or so. Musically, there isn't much to listen to in the Netherlands like there are a lot of artists but most of them are just the same as all the others in my opinion. No one has their own sound that you can vibe to and that bothers me.

Check out soume of her sounds below and be sure to follow her on Twitter @ALLTIMEHXGH

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