College Student's Guide To Job Hunting

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The summer is here and if you're in the same boat as me, it's time to look for a JOB. Summer is one of the best times to seek employment as jobs are looking to fill vacant positions. The search can be draining and disappointing. While one can fill out a million applications, you probably will only hear back from one or two employers. Whether you're a recent graduate or looking for a summer position, it's important to be organized and professional. Below are a few tips to help you on your job hunt below:

1. Update your resume. You may have the sharpest resume, but it doesn't help to constantly keep it updated. Be sure to add any new qualifications or achievements. It's beneficial to have several resume templates for the different positions you'll be seeking. For me, I have a resume catered to writing gigs, sales jobs, and marketing! Always bring a copy of your resume with you on an interview even if you sent one over on your application.

2. Apply! Apply! Apply! The worst part is filling out applications. Begin online with job posting sites such as Monster or Career Builder. Most companies have moved from paper applications and do everything online. Search company's career websites to find positions you qualify for. They're constantly updating so be sure to visit the site again. Set goals for yourself to reach each week. I try to apply for 10 jobs a day!

3. Get on LinkedIn! To have a more professional appeal, create a LinkedIn account. Be sure to place accurate information and highlight your latest experiences or creative projects. Connect with those who share similar interest and characteristics. Be sure to note your college and connect with fellow students. LinkedIn is great for job searches as well. Just check out the "Jobs" tab. Upload your resume and apply with a simple click.

4. Hit the streets. If online isn't cutting it, try to make a face-to-face appearance. Employers receive hundreds of applications and often get too caught up in running their business to sort though all the applicants. Sometimes it's appropriate to visit your desired work place in business professional with your resume on hand. Be sure to speak with a manager or supervisor and always leave your name and contact if one is not available. You may hear a lot of "no's" or "this isn't a good time", but keep searching. Bring your laptop with you just in case they allow you to apply online!

5. Don't give up. Job hunting takes time and patience, but if you keep on looking, you'll be sure to catch one! Be persistent, yet not annoying. Be professional, yet approachable. Just keep hunting!


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