Monday, February 19, 2024

Rising R&B Sensation Mayor Manny Links with Gio Dee and Sada James for "11:30"

Mayor Manny emerges as a force in the music industry, hailing from Massachusetts. His latest release, "11:30," stands out as a mesmerizing R&B gem. What distinguishes Mayor Manny is his raw vulnerability, a rarity among male artists. In this track, he bears his soul, expressing the struggle of parting from his love and facing the day ahead. Perfect for winter nights, "11:30" offers solace and warmth. Joining Mayor Manny is rising star Gio Dee, whose dynamic verse adds a fresh hip-hop flair, elevating the song to new heights. Sada James brings her own magic, blending styles seamlessly and enriching the composition. With anticipation building for the music video, Mayor Manny's "11:30" promises to be a visual spectacle, completing this musical journey.

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