Monday, July 17, 2023

. @thurgohmmg Unveils New Electrifying Single Titled “Obama Runtz”

Veteran hip-hop artist Thurgo Kush is back with an exhilarating new single, “Obama Runtz,” serving as a captivating follow-up to his previous hit, “Live it Up.” This track is the second single from his highly anticipated EP, “Juug Star 3,” set to release this summer. Continuing his successful collaboration with renowned producer Mercury, “Obama Runtz” showcases Thurgo Kush’s dynamic artistry and lyrical prowess. Mercury’s production prowess shines through, having worked on every song off the upcoming EP. It’s a fitting alignment, as Thurgo Kush, a Gemini, recognizes the synchronicity of the EP being fully produced by Mercury, the ruling planet for Geminis. “Obama Runtz” is an enthralling experience for listeners, featuring hard-hitting beats and mind-bending bars. Thurgo Kush’s wordplay creates an immersive journey that unravels with each subsequent listen. The song showcases Thurgo Kush’s versatility as an artist and leaves an indelible impression on fans of his unique style.

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