Wednesday, March 22, 2023

East Atlanta Rising Rapper, BBA Trigga Releases New Visual for Latest Single, "Bankroll"

East Atlanta rising rapper, BBA Trigga releases a new visual for his latest single, "Bankroll". BBA TRIGGA embodies the struggles and tribulations of millions of dream chasers worldwide. As a unique blend of Trap, Dirty South, and Atlanta Hip-Hop, BBA TRIGGA’s music tells the stories of those often forgotten or ignored by society. His music consists of unapologetically honest tracks. Despite the pain of his own experiences, he has managed to create something beautiful that others can relate to. He has an intoxicating energy and his passion for making music is clearly visible in every song he releases.  

BBA Trigga exemplifies the essence of Generation Z's artistic freedom and supreme ingenious mentality. As a young man growing up on Atlanta's Eastside, his music reflects his experiences and life experiences. BBA Trigga's lyrics are powerful and provide a unique perspective on the reality of finding your purpose and voice via street dreams and politics. He sometimes makes raw and gritty music but is also full of hope and determination in other situations. There will be generations to come who will be inspired and empowered by the music of BBA Trigga.

BBA TRIGGA's lyrics capture the raw energy and essence of Gen Z hip-hop as the official voice of East Atlanta. A strong "bet on yourself" mentality is so prevalent in this generation, and his message of self-reliance and determination resonates in Generation Z's minds and those immersed in pop culture today. Learn more at

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